Sunday, July 20, 2008

the nine

The songs of my life. I'd rather have 9 instead of 10. For many reasons; one of which it being my favorite number. Others too deep to explain.

1. Nas-- Getting Married.

"This ain't no sucka for love shit / This ain't no Huxtable kisses and hug shit, first night we fuck shit / And don't call the next day, this a thug's wedding day / In love? will we make it? Let us pray..."

truly my ideal wedding song.

2. Jay-Z -- Soon You'll Understand

"But still when your boyfriend ditched you, life's a bitch you cried / Over my right shoulder I told you to wipe your eyes / Take your time when you likin a guy / Cause if he sense that your feelings too intense, it's pimp or die"

line after line i related to not only him but to the female he was speaking to.

"Gina; please don't love me."

3. DMX-- What These Bitches Want

"I fuck with these hoes from a distance /The instant they start to catch feelings / I start to stealin they shit / Then Im out just like a thief in the night / I sink my teeth in to bite / You thinkin life, Im thinkin more like - whassup tonight?"

4. Lost Boyz -- Renee

"Hey man, I never been in love / But everytime Im burstin in and outta state / Its shorty that Im thinking of"

pure fucking poetry.

5. Raekwon -- Ice Cream

"Caramel complexion, breath smellin like cinnamon / Excuse me hon, the Don mean no harm, turn around again / God damn, backyard's bangin like a Benz-yIf I was jiggy, you'd be spotted like Spudz McKenzie"

6. Raekwon-- Wisdom Body

"Peace, excuse me, allow to introduce myself / Yo, I’m the man, and honey, you’ve been rated top shelf / Yo, what’s your name hon, hair wrapped up in a bunYour eyes sparkle, just like glass in the sun / Never diss em, it’s hard for a nigga just to miss em / Especially, when you’re browsin, goin fishin / Your wasteline, bangin like a bassline / Physical form is well complexed / And yo, I love your outline, boo / Your whole body is wild, wit your rugged profile / Enough to make a hard rock smile"

7. Masta Ace feat Jean Grae -- Hold You

"Now I spend most of my time just being with you / early on I was afraid to be seen with you / cuz I knew cats would do anything they could / to stop us from being together, its all good /they was mad cuz I got you and they didn'tsome even tried to approach me I'm not kidding"

8. Immortal Technique -- Obnoxious

"throw your gang sign up, and then I'll spit on my hand / give me a hundred grand, give me your watch, give me your chain / that's your girl, bitch get over here, give me some brain / I'll bust of on her face, and right after the segment / she'll propably rub it in her pussy, trying to get herself pregnant"

9. Lauryn Hill -- I Used To Love Him

"Torn and confused wasted and used / Reached the crossroad which path would I choose / Stuck and frustrated I waited, debated / For something to happen that just wasnt fated / Thought what I wanted was something I needed / When momma said no I just should have heeded / Misled I bled till the poison was gone / And out of the darkness arrived the sweet dawn"

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Friday, July 11, 2008

Great Day

Got my paycheck today; mighty shanzzy i must say.

My cousin Gio gave me a fat lip. But i got in some good shots. fuck you cocksucker; you fucking up my sexy. ive been preserving it. lmao

Ummm. bought a camera finally. no more sidekick pics! thank jesus.

ummmm i dont know what else to talk about really, its late im sleepy, im happy. :]

the end lol.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


loooooook. i hate this picture but u can kinda see my new nose ring! eeeeeek,. i never thought in a million years id get that pierced. but i kinda like it. oh & that nigga issac mizrahi makes nice shades.

i didnt go to work today...long story. but yea hopefully tomorroww will be better.

payday is friday & i got alottttt of plans for that check.


Friday, July 4, 2008

more holes?!

Yes! I got my nose pierced last night!
I thought "FUCK IT LETS GO!"
It hurt like a bitch though!
Thanks True Blue Tattoo Guy.

tomorrow night...sizzlers w| my favorite person. :]

Thursday, July 3, 2008

hott ass day

&& im sitting here on my grandma's balcony w| some famO waiting for Dilan to pick me up. :D

i deadass drank like 3 cans of this already...

im officially addicted.

estelle is the shit.

In The Rain - Estelle

this song is just absolutely fabulous! ;]

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

change is good.

Suprisingly everything is great. I havent really gotten the chance to update this page. Or even be on myspace. Ive been working & enjoying my summer.

Love is patient :]

& Im finding more people that deserve my time.

Tonight I'm going to Dilans Basketball game. ;]

Im his personal cheerleader!

&&& um lets see,

weds & thurs are kelvin's days. on some do not distrub shit lol.

friday is Jimmys BBQ ;]

&& Saturday maybe splish splash but definately Dinner with Dilan @ Sizzlers. ;]

Back to Work Monday! I love my job.

Im going to be certified by this september! woohoo.


I was down for a minute but Im back & better than ever, verdad.