Thursday, February 26, 2009

Beware Of Smuts.

Girls have become so non nonchalant about being whores that it makes me wonder what the future holds in regards to women and their self-respect. I'm all about women trying to shut down the double standards that men can get away with BUT don't give your pussy up just because niggas stick their dick in every other bitch. In my opinion that is one double standard that will never change. Sex is great yes & sure you should be able to enjoy your sex life with whomever you chose but do you really want to fuck every nigga you think is attractive? Its shameful and embarrassing. How do you bitches feel walking into a room and you fucked every nigga in there?

That's exactly why I don't bring my man around you so called "Friends".

Stop Smuttin'.

My Vital Organ.

I've become so soft since you came into my life. <3

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

This Nigga

On the 7 train today I seen a man (a grown fucking man) with a orange Flash Gordan Lunchbox.


That is all.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Chocolates and Sniffles.

Valentines Day was nice. I got my babe a Gucci MoneyClip & an Encylopedia of Useless Information. He got me a Blackberry because he's sick of my trusty old sidekick lol. (ahhh fiddlesticks). We went to Cabanas in the South Street Seaport, with my best friend Erika & her boyfriend Jose, but there was a 2 hour wait. I was not finnnnna wait 2 hours to eat my dun. We got right back in the hooptie & went to Boca Chica in the Lower East Side. It was a cute small restaurant on 1st ave & 1st street. It was nice and warm and cozy & I tore up that yummy ass dominican food. Pernil y Yuca! Yummmmmmmm. When we were finished Jose dropped Uli & I at my house. Uli was a lil sick so we just cuddled & watched StepBrothers til we fell asleep lol. Oh how I loved this V-day<33

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Monday, February 2, 2009


Thats what I screamed while watching "For the Love of Ray J" A new reality series on VH1 (yes another celebrity love competition). Within the first 5 minutes of the show I recognize a familiar face. A girl named "Jerri". I went to elementary school with this girl. I see her around the hood from time to time. We were friends when we were 7 lol but people change so we definitely didn't remain friends. I cant believe she's on this show. All I can think is "SHE CANT BE SERIOUS". I checked it out on the internet...yep she's serious.


What does one do when the trust is gone? I don't know why I am in the situation I am in. I never had this happen to me in my entire life. I've never had someone tell me they do not trust me. If anything I've had people tell me I'm too honest. If I fuck up I can admit when I am wrong & can only promise & make sure I do not make the same mistake again because I am hurting myself if I cant make sure of that. But when you know that you are telling the truth & you are fully innocent of the charges being placed on you and yet they dont believe do you do? How do you prove to someone something that is so hard to prove. I really got myself into this one. Because of my first the second situation has made it all too suspect. If I was in the other persons shoes I could fully understand their POV. I just know that I'm being sincere. -sigh-

Losing someones trust is horrible. I dont even know what to do... Ive never felt this way. To lose trust takes milliseconds to gain trust takes years. All I can do and say is I'm willing to be there for those years to gain it. -sigh-

What were you thinking...

Mr. Bobby V. & Mr. West?

A nappy mullet & a rat tail forming?

I refuse to believe their hair stylists agreed with this.

Spring/Summer 2009 Favorites.

Betsey Johnson

Louis Vuitton

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Just Leave Me Alone.

Ever feel like your past just won't go the fuck away. It's already come to the point that I will be changing my cell phone number. I just want to be happy with my squeeze. Just him. No one else. & I don't want any dumb ass motherfuckers having epiphanies trying to ruin what I have.

I feel like no matter how much I explain my innocence, it doesn't matter. They are still bothering me. I can curse & scream & ignore. They are persistent.

I just want anyone before December 25th to just leave me the fuck alone b.