Thursday, December 13, 2007

Bring Me Flowers

As a little girl, one of my biggest dreams was finding my prince charming and living happily ever after. Now that I have grown up I question is there really such thing as a prince charming. If there is a prince charming out there then hes probably a pussy. Im not bitter because trust I know where I stand with mine but charming? Pfft Cant no man be charming 24/7. There are going to be times that you want to kill the motherfucker. Just tiptoe in his sleep & stick a tampon in his nostril. Times when his attitude is unbearable. Ok perhaps Im projecting my own life into this segment but fuck it...its my blog bitch i do what i damn well please.

Now everyone tells me to be in a successful relationship there needs to be trust. I kinda disagree now more than I did before, I think its more about faith & compromise & having commitment to whom you chose. Men cheat. Its a fact. & women are more than capable of the exact same thing. When you find someone that you cant picture life without you try your best not to lose them even though that means altering everything you know & did pre-falling in love. Its difficult as hell & thats where faith comes in. You need to have faith in the relationship persevering. You need to make compromises because you are two completely different people besides all your similarities. Like I personally hate ciggarettes I find them to be repulsive...I'm going to have to tolerate it & I dont mind doing so because I have commitment to whom I chose. No matter the fights No matter the stomping of my feet the giant sighs the punching & karate kicks in mid air I do believe in love & I believe there would be no one else for me....

Thats word.

Stand by your man like Hilary did Bill.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

To Or Not To Just Do It

Growing up with a cheap father and a mother with a passion for sales; i never had alot of the things I desired most. It was not until I started my first job that I was able to fufill my wants. My first paycheck was spent at Flight Club NY on my Penny 2s & thats where my fantasies became my addiction. Sneaker Collecting wasn't exactly what I called it, I called it getting the shit I wanted now that I have c.r.e.a.m. [nahhhmean figggadeal me?!]
Yet there's a downfall. Now this sneaker craze has taken over & people dont even give a shit about the culture. I think they're raping it. A pair of sneakers that I had wanted so bad in junior high that cost $50 are being distributed to these young bucks for $200. You bastards making shit hard for a sister. Also, I'm older now so I figure its time to make the outside like the inside & mature.

But am I really ready to trade my laces & air bubbles for some open toed strappies?

-say word

Monday, December 10, 2007

make it work; yo!

Hey Girl Hey! I'm in a ranting type of mood. Therefore i shall rant on & on about shit that really gets my knickers in a twist.

kill yo'self ....
-if you're a man & wear colored skinny jeans
-if you wear those plastic ball necklaces & other plastic shit.
-the metrocard machine when it say "NO BILLS"; like dead ass do i have a roll of dimes in my pocket?!
-people that ask for time by staring at you and tapping their wrist.
-korean women at nail salons gigglin & talking to one another in their native tounge during my pedicure.
-aventura ass niggas; you know the type dont even front.
-mtv; they never play music videos anymore. fuck super sweet 16; i want music television.
-footlocker employees & their push for sales. i dont want foam cleaner motherfucker no no no!
-macys during the holidays; mad hectic.
-that pesky shoe lace that always unties by itself.
-t-mobile & their terrible service.
-that awkward moment counting the stops til your stop after you stumble on a crowded train.
-when you sleep & you dead center of the bed & suddenly freak out because you think youre about to fall. like wtf is that about?!
-when the perfect nigga for you is unobtainable.
-manhattan for charging extra for a damn snickers bar.
-the bronx; that shit is just foriegn to me. might as well be its own state.
-diego; dora the explorers cousin or some shit. why the fuck did he get his own show?! you knowww boots is tight..


I'm excited about tomorrow. My day is gonna be funfilled

especially since i plan on eating my fave cereal. [yes readers i am a fatty girl; food rocks]

...thats all for now bitches.

-seacrest out.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Basically My First Entry of Many More to Come

So allow me to introduce myself to those who do not know me & re-introduce myself to those that do. My name is Jasmine Arroyo. I am a 20 year old female from Williamsburg Brooklyn [pre-yuppie invasion]. I am of puerto rican descent yet unfortunately I do not speak it fluently [aw shucks].I'm an only child because after me my parents, in my imaginative mind, said "oh crappies we just birthed the anti-christ." I live in a nice 2 bedroom apartment with my beautiful yet sometimes questionably bi-polar mother Aracelis & my unfriendly cat named Furball. I have a passion for fashion, amusement for music thats acoustic, & spoken word.

I'm not sure what else to say that can better describe me besides : superfuckingfantasmericawesomediforousticlysplendid.

& I'm sometimes a bitch.

Anyways; It's 4:40am on a December Sunday & I'm here sitting in my pleasantly pink bedroom twiddling my thumbs & listening to the sound of my own melodies made by my toe tapping. [what an evening]

Now that I have just bored myself into a comma; I will leave you stalkers with this bit of information:

"No means no except when it means Oh baby Yes right there ohhh my god in heaven almighty yes yes yes." -self

-chill god & im out this piece