Wednesday, May 7, 2008

last of an ever dying breed; perhaps.

What the fuck is up with bitches? LOL I know I seem to always incorporate my hate for females in just about every entry somehow, but its true. I dont understand girls. I enjoy being behind the scenes. I like the fact that I've been living in my neighborhood for my whole life & hardly anyone knows my name. All people can say is..."I think Ive seen her before" or "I think she knows BLANK". I see a handful of chicks going hard for this so called fame. All these chicks is really doing is stirring up a big batch of drama. One moment you a nobody; you meet 1 person whom is quite popular; you become the bitches right hand; people start to recognize you; you go to clubs; you drink til your liver is screaming; niggas become interested more than before; they thirsty to chill with you; throw a few sly words in ur ear... like Joell Ortiz said "...a million pick up lines to get these fresh hoes laughing"; you drop those panties; you get knocked up; & now you either have an abortion & keep smuttin around or you go on a hiatus for 9 months; come back with you mommy gut & hit the clubs again. smh. whats sad is that its so predictable.

well enough ranting.
I just hate seeing all this foolishness around me.
Have a little more respect for yourselves ladies.

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