Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Poem by yours truly.

heart on fire
mind running at light speed.
unable to get a word out
tounge swollen
rippin you a new hole is what i wanna do
but instead i find myself takin shots
winded i try to bow out gracefully but its too late
crash boom goes my love
take the L for the shit youve sewn
its too late now
a small situations now grown
& while i attempt to dig myself out this self made tunnel
unrecognizable faces fuck up my progress
a chapter of my life ive never written
words without depth
now holdin the truth in dirty hands
theres nothing else to do
show and prove
show and prove
now that its proven
theres nothing else to show
tear ducts dry
knuckles bleeding
i kiss you with eyes wide open
lyin by your side
fourth of july in my chest
happier than a child with mcnuggets
crash boom goes my love.


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