Friday, April 17, 2009

Drastic Measures

Wow; I've never felt so stressed as I do right now. Money wise I'm strapped. Ive been undergoing this hell with T-mobile for the past 2 months now. When are they gonna gimme a store already! Brooklyn, Queens West, Queens East FML! Job hunting has never been so hard. My mom is struggling & I feel like its my fault. I don't help out as much as I should. School is killing me with this re-admission process. I shouldve never left NY thats for sure. The boyfriend and I are doing fine. Probably the only normal thing going on in my life right now.

Well if anyone is interested I'm selling sneakers.

AF1 Invisible Women Lavender & Ice sz W6.5
Jordan Retro 7 "Hares" from Package sz 5y

&& More.. Pictures up later.

Hit up if you're interested here with a comment

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damn jaz, you sound like youre going thru it..=(
keep ya head up mama
i would say my job is hiring but i dont think your ass would wanna do the travel

anyway ..this is my new link bxtch