Monday, April 21, 2008

This is for the Timbs & Coconut Icees.

My mindstate is green. All I want is money. I can't possibly go on living this life with all these silly bitches. I hate females for real. They worse than niggas. Remember the movie "The Lil Rascals". They had that club called the he-Man Woman Haters...that was fucking genius. I'd be the one bitch down with that movement. My moms a bitch, My grandmas a bitch, My aunts a bitch, My cousins are bitches. Anyway back to the money right. I wish shit can just fast forward. I know everything takes time but dammit I cant deal with this shit anymore. I need my apartment to be renovated already so i can move the fuck in. I need my classes to start so I can get paid. I need my car. Every single thing has steps & if I take the Elevator I'm liable to get stuck on my way to the top; so I need to stop bitching control myself & take those stairs; I'll get there eventually.

Love is Shit. A fucking Job is what it is. No matter how much you work on it; it dont mean shit unless the other person is doing their part. Sick of the feens. Niggas wanna spit G to me thinking they papi champuuus & baja panties. SMFH. I'm not impressed with your compliments. I dont want to go to a movie with you. I dont want to talk to you on the phone. The most i give these niggas is myspace comments but once I log off its done. I aint gonna be you summer love. I aint gonna kiss you. I just want you niggas to know I am not WITH IT!!!! So give up pleaseeeee. Dont take this as a challenge because I guarentee the fact that I'm saying this shit just tickles your peaches & makes you want to push harder. UGH.

Anyway; Summertime<333
I like to wear timbs in this weather. A nice crisp white tee, Shades, jean shorts & a pair of wheat timbs. My hair curly & fro-tastic. Sitting on the sidewalk slurpin icees. I really am anticipating this season.

btw... Nicki Minaj is my bitch.

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