Saturday, April 19, 2008

All that glitters isn't Gold.

First & foremost I'd like to say FUCK YOU to everyone concerning themselves with my relationship. Females are so maniuplative its sickening. I know the scheme boo boo; thanks for offerin your shoulder for me to cry on but I know meanwhile youre kicking the mean G. Trust me I know. Well I've said enough.I hate bitches.


I'm at my mother's house listening to music & I keep playing the same song over & over again. Feel this way-- Consequence featuring John Legend. I'm not really a fan of Consequence because I've witnessed him perform at an event I attended & it was basura!!!

I painted my fingernails pink.... out of pure boredom. So now when I give you feens the birdie ya got something pretty to look at.


I'll update later.

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