Saturday, August 16, 2008

the pain ive endured.

Every so often I come across his picture; our pictures & I can't even cry. Its an emptiness i feel. It's almost like my whole body becomes weak from my legs to my fingertips. I think about the times I was actually happy with him, then i recall the pain I've endured being with him. He never really loved me and I'm convinced of that. For a year I spent my life idolizing him. I was in love with the way he spoke to me. He made me feel good. But all that makes you feel good isn't really good for you. I learned that the hard way. I literally left everything I knew for him. I see his private Myspace page every so often. I know he's with her now; who knows if they're happy. I laugh thinking that maybe he'll treat her the same. She's quite shady herself for pretending to be a friend. I'm still waiting for the day that we cross paths; God is my witness ma it won't be pretty. I shouldnt care; and I dont think this is me caring but growing from it. I know now better than I did before what I'm worth. Never will I lose myself in finding someone else.

Thank you for showing me that I'm better off without you.

btw im happily taken by a man who deserves me.


Justine Samantha said...

i am happy for you babygirl.

its what you deserve.

Patricia Marie said...

Yes, you deserve more than what he put you through. im so beyond happy for you. crying causes wrinkles & we both know we dont want that