Monday, January 5, 2009

Let's go to sleep in Paris...

2008 was probably the most difficult year for me. Moving from NYC to North Carolina for a man that I did love but didnt love me enough, to move back to NYC to break a young mans heart with my inability to let real love embrace me to then dating a man who had no ambition & didnt like me for me but just the exterior. Family Issues, as in not speaking to my Uncle for about a year now. Losing friends, Gaining them back & Losing them again. Yes, my 2008 was quite a struggle. Yet something good did come of it. Like a rose growing from concrete. December I met HIM*. He is quite the man I must say so myself. I know its very soon to become so heartfelt about a person but what I can say is that he makes me feel nervous, happy, & calm all at the same time.

Thats all I can say about him now... but be prepared nosey people of the internet. He's here to stay. :)


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