Thursday, January 22, 2009

Muy Macho.

Machismo...(macho-ism) is a collection of laws, norms, attitudes and characteristics of men whose finality, explicitly or implicitly, has been and is, is to produce, maintain and perpetuate the enslavement and submission of women on all levels: sexual, procreation, and in relation to work and love. The word machismo is used fundamentally in the scope of colloquial and popular life. The term most appropriate (above all at the ideological level) to express this concept is sexism, given that the first term (machismo) is used to characterize those acts, physical or verbal, by means of which are manifested in vulgar form the underlying sexism that exists in the social structure. On the psychological level, the difference between sexism and machismo is that 'sexism' is conscious and machismo is unconscious; that is to say, the believer in machismo acts like one without being capable of being able to explain or recognize the internal reasoning behind his actions, given that the machista (macho-ist) is limited to only imitating and putting into practice the crude behaviors of sexism of the culture to which he belongs by nationality and social condition. For that reason a macho-ist can feel comfortable being proud and conceited in regard to his being "very male" (muy macho)

Tonight I was confronted with this. Not exactly a man being macho but a macho situation. What is it about men and strip clubs? I fully understand how men feel free and empowered when they are among their boys. They feel like they can be themselves in their full disgusting glory and not be judged by us women. I sat here, phone glued to my face in a daze. Im thinking to myself "Am I really ok with this? Or is the fact that I fully understand the logic of this is stopping me from being a normal girl and feeling insecure with the fact that he is looking at other women in the nude doing crude and raunchy gestures?"

I am the coolest person you'll ever meet. "Yo you wanna see some naked chicks, cool I'm down. Lets go I wanna see some tits too." The problem with that is ...Niggas dont want to bring their girlfriend to the strip club. They rather be among their dudes. I'm fine with men being men but as an intelligent and very aware woman, & the fear of being a pendeja, which all latina women are fearful of (letting a man get the best of you), I still have concerns. I just don't want to regret. Men will be Boys. -shrugs- lol It happens. I vented now I'm good. I care too much perhaps lol.


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Illest Star said...

one thinq I will never understand is why guys chanqe up when there around there boys, and I think that's why we act a certain way to the shit they do, and idk how guys can act like going to the strip club is like going to the movies, cuz act up and that's what causes us to think and its ok to feel uncomfortable with certain things in a relationship doesn't mean your a pendeja it just shows something bothers you speak on it cuz if the tables were flipped than they would have the problem.

& sorry that the comment is so long lol