Monday, February 16, 2009

Chocolates and Sniffles.

Valentines Day was nice. I got my babe a Gucci MoneyClip & an Encylopedia of Useless Information. He got me a Blackberry because he's sick of my trusty old sidekick lol. (ahhh fiddlesticks). We went to Cabanas in the South Street Seaport, with my best friend Erika & her boyfriend Jose, but there was a 2 hour wait. I was not finnnnna wait 2 hours to eat my dun. We got right back in the hooptie & went to Boca Chica in the Lower East Side. It was a cute small restaurant on 1st ave & 1st street. It was nice and warm and cozy & I tore up that yummy ass dominican food. Pernil y Yuca! Yummmmmmmm. When we were finished Jose dropped Uli & I at my house. Uli was a lil sick so we just cuddled & watched StepBrothers til we fell asleep lol. Oh how I loved this V-day<33

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