Thursday, February 26, 2009

Beware Of Smuts.

Girls have become so non nonchalant about being whores that it makes me wonder what the future holds in regards to women and their self-respect. I'm all about women trying to shut down the double standards that men can get away with BUT don't give your pussy up just because niggas stick their dick in every other bitch. In my opinion that is one double standard that will never change. Sex is great yes & sure you should be able to enjoy your sex life with whomever you chose but do you really want to fuck every nigga you think is attractive? Its shameful and embarrassing. How do you bitches feel walking into a room and you fucked every nigga in there?

That's exactly why I don't bring my man around you so called "Friends".

Stop Smuttin'.


Illest Star said...

omg yessss finally some one who thinks the same way i think, i think it's nasty and classless if thats even a word. i cant trust ppl like that

Vintage Vandalizm said...

I think this blog applies to men and women.

Men sleep around and so do women now. It affects everyone. Sleazy girls make it too easy for a man to cheat, slutty men make it so hard for women to trust.. Its causing this massive chain of disloyalty.

and girls like me, who dont give it to just anyone..well..Men dont want to put in the work.

The minute a guy feels like hes got to work hard at grasping a womans heart, he becomes a coward and backs out. (judging from my experiences)

you give a woman a challenge..and I bet she'll put in the work.

I do agree with you, but only partially. We are all at fault. Blame a cowardous society.