Monday, December 10, 2007

make it work; yo!

Hey Girl Hey! I'm in a ranting type of mood. Therefore i shall rant on & on about shit that really gets my knickers in a twist.

kill yo'self ....
-if you're a man & wear colored skinny jeans
-if you wear those plastic ball necklaces & other plastic shit.
-the metrocard machine when it say "NO BILLS"; like dead ass do i have a roll of dimes in my pocket?!
-people that ask for time by staring at you and tapping their wrist.
-korean women at nail salons gigglin & talking to one another in their native tounge during my pedicure.
-aventura ass niggas; you know the type dont even front.
-mtv; they never play music videos anymore. fuck super sweet 16; i want music television.
-footlocker employees & their push for sales. i dont want foam cleaner motherfucker no no no!
-macys during the holidays; mad hectic.
-that pesky shoe lace that always unties by itself.
-t-mobile & their terrible service.
-that awkward moment counting the stops til your stop after you stumble on a crowded train.
-when you sleep & you dead center of the bed & suddenly freak out because you think youre about to fall. like wtf is that about?!
-when the perfect nigga for you is unobtainable.
-manhattan for charging extra for a damn snickers bar.
-the bronx; that shit is just foriegn to me. might as well be its own state.
-diego; dora the explorers cousin or some shit. why the fuck did he get his own show?! you knowww boots is tight..


I'm excited about tomorrow. My day is gonna be funfilled

especially since i plan on eating my fave cereal. [yes readers i am a fatty girl; food rocks]

...thats all for now bitches.

-seacrest out.

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