Tuesday, December 11, 2007

To Or Not To Just Do It

Growing up with a cheap father and a mother with a passion for sales; i never had alot of the things I desired most. It was not until I started my first job that I was able to fufill my wants. My first paycheck was spent at Flight Club NY on my Penny 2s & thats where my fantasies became my addiction. Sneaker Collecting wasn't exactly what I called it, I called it getting the shit I wanted now that I have c.r.e.a.m. [nahhhmean figggadeal me?!]
Yet there's a downfall. Now this sneaker craze has taken over & people dont even give a shit about the culture. I think they're raping it. A pair of sneakers that I had wanted so bad in junior high that cost $50 are being distributed to these young bucks for $200. You bastards making shit hard for a sister. Also, I'm older now so I figure its time to make the outside like the inside & mature.

But am I really ready to trade my laces & air bubbles for some open toed strappies?

-say word

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RevolversFresh said...

when will it end? ehh never i suppose it'll be ok though :)